41 Accomplished Finance Logos


Logos in the finance industry are different than other industries. They require a lot of professionalism, confidence, and dedication. They should bespeak the profitability of brand and at the same time they should be easy to remember. Though it’s difficult to come up with an entirely innovative logo design idea but inspiration can do the job for you in most of the cases. In this post, you’ll find the 41 Accomplished Finance Logos from which you can take inspiration for your next accounting & finance Logo designing project.

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Disclaimer: All of these Logos that are listed below are of already established businesses and designers. They are the copyrighted by the respected third parties. In the case of any removal request, you can email us at industry@logoorbit.com.

Accomplished Finance Logos

finance logos


This Logo is a unused concept created for client by johnny. The concept of dollar/money is shown in this Logo with dollar symbol, just the letter S is replaced by the initial letter Z of the business name.

westmil logo

This Logo is of Westmill capital. This Logo is abstract draw of the initial of business name. The design element and business name is separated by a straight line.

the antwerp diamond bank

It is a unused designed concept of the antwerp diamond bank by misterjones. The diamond theme is visible in the the Logo mark. The font used in this Logo is sans-serif.


The above Logo is a client work by OcularInk. It is a T/star mark combination with the sturdy type treatment. It is a clean and timeless Logo. We also recommend you to get a simple Logo for your business, read why.


It is designed by Gavin Elliot. In this Logo, the flying V is mixed in different. The individual triangles are broken to Wedges which are on each other represents the 3 pronged attack.


This Logo is courtesy of Probank. The brand mark consist of statue draw inside a badge. The business name is right after the brand symbol.


The above Logo is of payee. The concept of paying is shown in this Logo with a hand and on it coins has been shown. The font used in this Logo is Gotham font.

pacific shore

This Logo of Pacific shore capital is designed by Alto. This is a strong detailed Logo. The initials are represented while maintaining the abstraction. The sea horse is combined with letter P in a way that when it is flipped horizontally, it forms the letter S.

nuevo banco del chaco

It is designed by balza_l. The iconic draw of tiger is placed inside the shield. The business name is separated from the symbol with a line.

money saving tactics

This is Logo concept is designed by reghardt. The dollar symbol is used in this Logo as a brand mark. It is customized in a way that it is depicting the arrow signs(Way).

money ledge logo

This Logo is a simple and clean Logo Roko Kerovec for a web entrepreneur. The pledge is shown in way that it is eliciting the letter M of business name “Moneyledge”.

milton federal

This Logo is of Milton Federal financial corporation. It is an abstract Logo and the initial M letter is used to draw the brand symbol.


The above Logo concept is by mukuIt is a unused concept. It is designed to match the mortgage. The wing of bird is used as an design element.

live stocks

Live Stocks Logo is not currently in use. It is designed by Sq1rsa. It elicits the live and concept of stocks/growth. The rockwell regular and bold fonts are used to write business name.

lion gates

This Logo is designed by UtahRugbyGuy. It’s an fresh approached corporate Logo. This Logo uses the right combination of colors and typeface. It have the strikingly high level of details.

life bank

This Logo of life bank financial grp is designed by Java Acosta. It’s a detailed Logo representing the initials of the business name.


It is designed for a financial company by deivIt’s an crest Logo and font used is serif. The iconic draw of lion is used as a graphic element in this Logo.

lake constanz

This Logo is of Lake Constanz Financial. It’s an crest type Logo. In this Logo, shield and keys icons are used with olive leaves. The business name is mentioned right below the graphic mark in tragan font.

jared jones

The D face shape has been tweaked in this Logo. The crown is placed above the shape to show the superiority. While inside the shape, the initials J are matched together. This design concept is by innovative logo design.

heron quay

It’s an clever Logo that molds a heron into the initial letter Q. The other letters are balanced elegantly to match the concept.


This Logo is an unused Logo design concept that is designed by Deividas Bielskis. The griffins are used for the protection and possession purposes. It is perfect inspiration for creating the bank Logo.


This Logo is not used in market and andrealeti is the designer behind this Logo. It depicts the sailing concept with effect on the graphical mark.

fortress finance logo

This Logo is designed by Herbyderby. It’s an strong crest Logo. It uses the shield mark with fort draw inside it. The business name is written in bold font to maintain the balance.

first sterling financial logo

It’s an client work by OcularInkIn this Logo, the triangle shape has been customized to represent the initial letter F of the business name.


This Logo is 0f Ferratum. The illustration of a lion face is used in this Logo as a brand mark. It is one of our Finance Logos collection that is suitable in multiple businesses related secure and finance.

f1rstchoice capital

It’s an proposed Logo mark for the well established mortgage banking company by JohnBoerckel. In this Logo, the strong building is shown with a star as a brand symbol.

eton financial

The symbolism of the Logo is inspired from the eton college. The details of E and castle are used inside the shield. This concept is posted by Jacob Cass on dribbble.

ei finance logo

This Logo is designed by Dache for uk based financial company that offers Islamic finance and financial products. It is a emblem type with arrows.

eagle royal


This is an unused design proposal by ManggaDesign. It’s an luxury crest type Logo. Eagles are opening the ribbon while the initial letter E is placed inside a shield. And on top of that the crown is placed.

eager finance logo design

The Logo of Eager describes the leopard forming the initial letter “e” with curls.

crown bank trust

In this Logo, the crown is used as graphical element with diamond shapes. It is a unused pitched concept for a bank and trust.

cipe plus

It’s custom type technology Logo with space. The health concept is shown with a + sign while the initial letter C is forming with it. It’s designed by InkwillDesign.

central bank of montenegro

The lion holding a key is shown in this Logo of central bank of montenegro. It’s a shield spaced Logo. It is designed by graforidza.

brokers making money

This Logo is of brokers making money company designed by Dache. It shows the iconic draw of bull in running/breaking position.


Boxdium Logo speaks the artistic creativity through the colors scheme used in it. It follows the boxed Logo design trend.

bankhaus erbe

This Logo is of Bankhaus Erbe AG by LOGOPED. It’s an monogram crest type. The design elements are beautifully enhanced by symmetry.

alexandra commercial finance

This Logo is courtesy of Alexandra commercial finance. The architecture is visible inside the diamond shaped mark. The business name is mentioned in light font.

affordable financial corporation

This Logo is designed by clopez40. It’s an memorable Logo that is depicting the professionalism of the company. Only triangle shape is used as design element in this Logo.

So that was our pick of Logos from the accounting & finance industry. How you find the above-listed Finance Logos? Did you find them inspiring enough? Kindly tell us your thoughts in comments below. We’d love to read them. Furthermore, you can opt-in our email list for getting exclusive branding tips, latest posts, and deals.


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