11 Maintained Finance Twitter Accounts

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Twitter is the second most used social media platform after Facebook (check out 11 managed finance Facebook pages). According to Statista, as of Q2 of 2016, Twitter has 313 Million monthly active users. In business point of view, it’s a great mine for corporate sector. Creating and managing an account of your firm can generate potential customers and leads. In the finance industry, companies are already getting benefited from it. That’s the reason we’ve researched the Twitter and finalized the 11 most maintained Finance Twitter Accounts. You can check out their way of tweeting and engaging users. If you’re just getting started with Twitter for your finance business, then this would be a great boost for you.

Disclaimer: All the twitter accounts are the property of their respected holders, and we are just posting them here only for inspiration.

41 Maximized Finance Business Names

Maintained Finance Twitter Accounts

finance twitter accounts

1 – Allianz

2 – BlackRock

3 – Eddy Elfenbein

4 – Westpac Bank

5 – J.P. Morgan

6 – Zeth Couceiro

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7 – Morgan Stanley

8 – American Express

9 – Pearl Capital

— Pearl Capital was also mentioned in our Finance Websites roundup.

10 – Credit Suisse

11 – Matt Brice

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That’s all from our 11 Maintained Finance Twitter Accounts roundup. We’re humans, and this list is bound to miss some useful names. So be sure to let us know if we’ve missed any active Twitter feed of companies in the financial industry. Thank you.


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