11 Active Fitness Facebook Pages

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The trend of fitness on social media is simply un-measurable. People love to get the daily motivational fitness slogans, lines and posts. This space creates a great opportunity for fitness businesses and personal trainers to engage the audience and sell their services through social media. According to statista, Facebook is the most used social media platform with 1.59 billion active users as of April 2016. So Facebook is an excellent choice for businesses to capture leads and potential customers. Businesses in fitness industry can grab this opportunity by creating engaging Facebook pages. If you’re confused where to start, here are 11 Fitness Facebook Pages for you to take inspiration.

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Active Fitness Facebook Pages

#1 – Bloom to Fit

fitness facebook pages

Bloom to Fit is a community for fitness seekers to update their daily routine with exercises. Srdjan teaches and shares the tips that can be followed in daily life to become fit and live a healthy life.

#2 – Brett Hoebel 

brett hoebel facebook page

Brett Hoebel is a trainer at NBC the biggest loser and author at 20 Minute Body which we mentioned in our 21 Aesthetic Fitness Websites post. Although his personal training and consultation is paid but his Facebook page is worth liking as he share tips and inspirations weekly.

#3 – OmGal


OmGal Blog and Facebook page is operated by Rebecca Pacheco, Boston yoga instructor. The Facebook page of OmGal is updated on daily/weekly basis. The feed is quite inspiring and communicative that you should follow this page to take inspiration.

#4 – Fun and Fit


fun and fact fb page

The international fitness professionals, Kymberly and Alexandra are behind the Fun and Fit. Their Facebook feed is full of effective answers, tips for aging healthily.

#5 – Girls Gone Strong

girls gone strong page

Girls Gone Strong is run by Molly Galbraith, Neghar Fonooni and Alli McKee. These three women are a inspirational source for women yearning to look fit and get in shape. They share interesting tips and insights on their Facebook page.

#6 – Kinobody

kinobody fb page

Kindobody is a innovative fitness system that is created by Gregory O’Gallagher. It’s facebook page is source of inspiration for starters in bodybuilding as it shares videos daily having tips and inspiration related to fitness.

#7 – Melissa Bender Fitness

melissa bender fitness facebook page

Melissa Bender is a professional athlete and trainer. Her page is one of the Fitness Facebook Pages, that actively share diet plans, tips, exercises and yoga tutorials.

#8 – Nerd Fitness

nerd fitness fb page

Steve Kamb founded the Nerd Fitness to motivate the starters who are busy enough or can’t think to lift to start getting fit. The facebook page of nerd fitness is active as it’s site and share links to useful guides on their site.

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#9 – Thrive as the Fittest

thrive as the fittest

Jen Sinkler provides fitness motivation, tips and humor for anyone willing to change his/her lifestyle into a healthier lifestyle. It is a unique way to keep people motivated for getting fit.

#10 – Tom Venuto – Burn The Fat

tom venuto fb page

Tom Venuto is a highly experienced Fitness professional of the industry. His facebook page is a real source of solid inspiration of hitting the gym and getting in shape.

#11 – Idea Health & Fitness Association

idea health fitness page

IDEA is a large scale fitness organization for professionals. It’s facebook daily updates and shares the highly informative articles vetted by experts so that can users can engage with it.

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