11 Watchable Fitness Twitter Accounts

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The Web is full of fitness lovers. Especially social media is a hub for fitness enthusiasts to connect and inspire. Recently we post about the 11 active fitness Facebook pages that you can follow to take inspiration for creating your page. Now we’re listing the 11 watchful Fitness Twitter Accounts that are inspiring people and turning followers into potential customers. Following these Twitter handles of already established businesses in fitness industry will help you in creating your Twitter strategy.

Disclaimer: The Twitter accounts listed below are owned by their respective owners and we do not own them. We are not promoting any or marketing any person/twitter account here. The Twitter handles mentioned below are only for sharing purpose.

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Watchable Fitness Twitter Accounts

fitness twitter accounts

1 – Rob Sulaver

2 – Breaking Muscle

3 – Marion Nestle

4 – Katy Widrick

5 – Daily Burn

— Daily Burn was also featured in our 21 Aesthetic Fitness Websites post
6 – Adam Bornstein

7 – Fit Bottomed Girls

8 – Steve Kamb

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9 – Michael Eades, M.D.

10 – Greatist

11 – Fitnessista

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There you have it. That is all from our roundup of Fitness Twitter Accounts that are worth follow to get inspiration. How about you? What are the other suggestions of Twitter feeds that you’ll like to share with us? Do mention them in comments below. Also, don’t forget to follow our twitter handle. Thanks.


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