41 Powerful Fitness Logos For Inspiration

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The fitness industry is one of the industries that keeps trending no matter what age or year is it. It’s an evergreen and continuous growing industry. As this industry is growing and new startups, gyms, and businesses are making their way to the web, we thought to compile and share a list of 41 handpicked Fitness Logos for your inspiration. These Custom Made Logos have been selected by our design team to ensure that you get the highest quality available Logos of fitness industry for taking inspiration.

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Disclaimer: Note that the below designs are just for inspiration and sharing. We do not own these Logos and if you’ve any query or removal request, drop an email at industry@logoorbit.com.

41 Powerful Fitness Logos

This Logo is for built gym. The robotic style person showing biceps is represented in this Logo. The name of the gym is mentioned below the Logo in bold font.

fitness logos

It is a creative Logo which shows the shadow of town coming from the dumbbell. The gym name is placed above the design elements.


The below Logo is designed by tokyo drift shift. The masculine with a custom font is presented in this Logo. The Logo is simple and easy to remember. Meanwhile If you want to know the reasons behind the statement “Logos should be simple” then we’d recommend you to read this post.


The letter G and S are used to create a person mark ready to race. The name written below the brand mark is in customized bold font.


This Logo is courtesy of Fortitude fitness. The fortitude concept is shown with a waiving flag on top. It follows the geometric shapes Logo trend.

fortitude logo

The fitness lab Logo is a styled handwritten Logo. The letter F is stretched to create a tag. On this tag the remaining text “Lab” is mentioned with bold font.

fitnesslab emblem

The Logo below is of Better You. In this Logo, a detailed gym person showing biceps is used as a mark. The “Better” is written in regular font while the “You” is in uppercase bold font. It is designed by sergiu lazin.


The campbell Logo demonstrates the personal trainer/person doing the ups and downs with rod on shoulders. This Logo is designed by webcore design.

champbell logo

In this Logo of fitstudio, the concept of feminine is shown to match the theme of women gym. This Logo is designed by MaxKysh.

fitstudio logo

The Logo is designed by patrimonio. This Logo is a beautiful illustration of a women personal trainer going the bicep curls. It is done inside a shield in retro style.

curvature personal trainer logo

This Logo is not a used concept and is designed by MyDzone. It depicts the infinity and person running concept. The font used in it is bold with customization at end letters.

endless fitness

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The elements of person, shining sun and a rod with plates is used in this Logo. This Logo is using a bold font for first and second name while italic font for third name. The slogan is placed right below the term “Fitness”.

fitness ferris

The Easy Diet Logo speaks the health over wealth. It is designed by kamranyousuf. It is not a client work. The initials are creating a shape of capsule in this Logo. It is great for inspiration in fitness, health and pharma industry.

easy diet

This Logo is of Fitnessup. It shows a iconic draw of a person going up. The business name and slogan are placed below the symbol.

fitness up logo

The Gymbug Logo is a great example of creative art. It shows the gym element dumbbell with two plates(gym element) placed at both sides of it. This makes an image of a bug.


This Logo is by the designer DraganB. It shows the front of an eagle on shoulder of hand showing bicep. It is a simple, strong and easily adaptable Logo.


It is designed by KristanS. It is not a used client work and is perfect for taking inspiration in Bikram (hot) yoga category. The font used in this Logo is customized font.

heat yoga

A armored knight doing exercise is shown in this Logo. The name of the gym is mentioned below the brand symbol in old London font.

black knight vitamins logo

It is a unused design concept by plastilinamagenta. The iconic draw of person stretching with rope machine is shown in this Logo. The business name is written in army font right after the design element.

fusion fitness logo

This Logo is designed by Adrian Bornea. It represents the gladiator face on body builder body showing the biceps. The business is written in copper blade font to match the gladiator theme.

gladiator fitness brand

This Logo is designed by suzie99. The two person are show in this Logo depicting the fitness symbols. The business name written in serif font.

in shape gourmet logo

This Logo is of Lotus gym is designed by kabiri . It is a gym for women. The lotus flower with a iconic draw of women doing bicep dumbbell curl is used as a brand symbol in this Logo. The font is handwritten.

lotus gym

It is a outstanding imaginary Logo. In this Logo, the word GYM is written as the body of a man. The dumbbells is shown in both hands. The business name is placed in customized font between the two hands. This is one of the Fitness Logos which we find different from others.

metro flex gym

The symbol of headphone is placed above the dumbbell to depict the music and gym concept. The business name is in lowecase letters and the font is serif font family.


This Logo is courtesy of Natalie Dixon Fitness. The feminine symbol is used in this Logo with curve. The business name is written in bold sans-serif font.


It is a stamp Logo showing a gym person holding a heavy dumbbell in hand. The motivational text “Never back down” is written in sans-serif font right below the Logo.


This Logo is designed by florin.gheorghe. This concept is currently not is use. It is a simple and easy to remember Logo. A person doing a bicep curl is shown in this Logo. The gym name is written in serif font.


This Logo is of power house gym. The person doing hardcore press exercise is drawn in this Logo. The name of gym is placed above the symbol in curl.


This designer behind this Logo is Miguel Medina. In this Logo, the crossfit and elephant is shown. The business name is mentioned in sans serif font.


Sim fitness Logo depicts the motion concept is shown with the initial letter of business name. The text written below the symbol is in sans serif font.


The icon draws of two strong hands is placed in way that they are forming the first letter of the gym name that is “Strong”. The brand mark is inside a circle while the business name is placed at right of the mark.


This Logo is a detailed Logo showing the tiger and back of a gym person at same time. It is designed by Sim fitness.


This Logo is courtesy of Tonik Gym. The Logo is significant and powerful. The business name emerges with symbol to emboss the idea of growth in club.


This Logo is of unique fitness training. In the Logo, the concept of fitness is shown with a person stretching. This person is drawn by playing with the letter Q.


This Logo is designed by patrimonio. The bodybuilder lifting the dumbbell viewed from the side is placed inside a circle in this Logo. It is done in retro style.

zenith fitness logo

This Logo is by the designer carlos08. In this Logo, the wheels are used as dumbbell symbol to match the truckers concept. The word Truckers is written in sans serif font while the term Fitness is in handwritten font.

truckers fitness

The Logo of everyday fitness is designed by -Yoon-. It is a client work concept. The Logo is clever. The strong and fit factors are shown with a ant holding the rod with plates in it.

everyday fitness logo

We found these Logos the most inspiring and hope that you’ll also consider these Logos for your next Fitness Logos project. Carefully examine these Logos and take inspiration from them to design an even better Logo. Do tell us about your views on these Logos in comments below and also don’t forget to opt-in on our email list to receive daily updates and exclusive stuff related to Logo design.


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