25 Exclusive Game Company Logos for Inspiration


No doubt, the gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors. They have been serving as the source of income to many game developers. There are many factors behind the rapid and successful progress of gaming. Along with new games, the demand for game company logos has also increased. Gaming logos are highly in demand. Logo design services make every possible effort to create such gaming logos that look equally interesting with the game.

Like other logos, the cool gaming logo ideas are also derived from the correct use of fonts, colors, icons, and symbols. Many gaming logo ideas are readily available on online logo making platforms. 

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Exclusive Game Company Logos for Inspiration

Being a game developer, you look for something ventouse and bold in your game logo. Let’s take an insight into some inspirations for the game company logo.

Game Logo with Dragon Icon

Dragons as icons are commonly used in a logo design for gaming. If you are opting for this style, you can instantly bring the gaming feel in a logo. Bold text and graphics are good to go for a cool gaming logo ideas.

Retro Gaming Logo

The logo with the icons of the controller seems traditional logo design for gaming. Honestly, they have a real impact; this logo indeed fulfills all your gaming visions. A wise choice for background with captive colors completes the logo.

Esports Gaming Logo

This logo concept brings the perfect cool gaming logo ideas. Indulged the shades of blue with the unique font to write the letters. Esports gaming logos simply derived from basic outlines. Best in expressing one’s imagination in the form of a logo.

Monochrome Gaming Logos

Monochrome style never goes out of fashion in logo designing. However, when ghostly and frightening supernatural symbols combine with the monochromatic elements, your logo is ready to endanger the competitor.

Using interesting shapes innovatively is one of the best gaming logo ideas. Moreover, figures like cyclones, thunder, or power icons are best to convey your gaming idea through a logo design. The above logo is the best example as it has the shape of the cyclone with relevant color shades.

Okay, here’s the exciting point, solo gamers need a logo to recognize their gaming channel. The initial of their name with correct symbols makes the authentic stamp.

Integrating initials in a logo is a simple idea, but if it is used correctly, it can challenge competitors’ logos. Many famous game developers prefer to use the initials with iconic designs known globally.

Cosmic theme-based logos fascinates many gamers out there. Missiles, space ships, and rocket represent the celestial theme. Along with esports gaming logos, esports companies believe in exploration and used space and missiles to show their idea through a logo.

A spacecraft or missiles in the sky describes the strong message of reaching the highest point.

Don’t forget winning warriors, knight riders, and barbarians in a logo as a potent symbol. Professional gamers go for minimalistic logos, although there are many choices in that like the logos above. One is only looking, and the other is fully animated and colorful yet both have an equal impact.

A gaming enthusiast has to show the world that he is powerful, fast, and sharp to beat his enemy. So here you have to use the ninja symbol and leads to create mind-blowing mascot logos.

More Well Known Game Company Logos

Each game company logos serve as a connection between a business and a client. Your gaming logo automatically generates a psychological association. You can see the examples below.

Who can forget these iconic game companies? Nintendo’s simple logo is easy to remember. However, the famous PS logo with bold colors is easy to recall because of its red color.

One of the legendary game company remembered with its legendary logo. It is simple and clearly emphasized in its letter “A” representing the first letter of the company’s name.

The logo of SEGA has been through many changes and stages. After many amendments, it turned out very simple and straightforward with blue font and white countless stripes.

This one is also a famous game company logo, the heart of many game lovers. Green and white color scheme with a simple font is all set to rock.


Every company holds its value and standards in its logo. The same case is with game company logos, numerous ideas and types are more than enough to create your desired game logo.


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