60 Photography Logos For Inspiration

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If you’re a photography business looking for Logo ideas  or if you’re a Logo designer looking for inspiration to get your custom logo design then you are at right place. Although there is no shortage of photography logos on the web to inspire you. But here we’ve handpicked and filtered the 60 most inspirational and creative Logos from photography industry.

So whether you’re a photographer or a designer, these Logos will help you in accessing the photographers/photography businesses that are already established. And take inspiration from cool brand logos for your photography business. Read to know about Cool Logos 2020: Everything You Need To Know. Let us dive in to see some creative photography logos.

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Disclaimer: All the Logos below are the property of their respective owners and we do not own any right on these Logos. We have linked the Logos with their original sources, and also the proper credits are given below every Logo. If you think any of below photography Logo design is yours, and you don’t want it to appear here, kindly drop us an email, and we’ll remove it.

Photography Logos For Your Inspiration

This Logo is courtesy of Augistina Jo photography demonstrating the smartness of playing with lines and shapes to create abstract of camera. The calligraphic font is beautifully used inside the abstract camera to show the photographer name. The trend, it is following is combination.

photography logos

This Logo is of photographic society by eccentricdz at deviant art. It is flawlessly crafted to match the P from photographic and S from society with the camera symbol. It follows the Minimalist Logo design trend.

photographic society logo

This Logo is designed by ILINDESIGNS and based on the original photography concepts. It elicits the urban city buildings with an camera icon. Both the concepts of urban and shoot is matched with lines in this Logo following the link trend.

urban shoot logo

In this Logo, the concept of sac that carry the photography items is shown. It is mix of minimal and circle Logo trends.


Sean Heisler designed this Logo for his client bendy you photography. The connection of bend and you is shown in this Logo by bending the U and making the swirl. It follows the symbolic trend.

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bendy you photography logo

This Logo is the identity of perth based photographer, Jayne taylor. The simplicity is triggering from this Logo. The symbol and handwritten font is used in this Logo as elements.

jayn taylor logo design

The illustration of camera and a suited person is used in this Logo with less details. It’s the simplest form of iconic Logos. We also recommend you to go with simple Logos, read why Logos should be simple? to know the reasons behind it.

daniel watson logo

This art gallery Logo “Galeria 291” designed by Saul. The design follows the solid typographic style. The numbers 2 and 9 are linked in a way that they prompting the gallery image. Overall that’s a great example of simple Logo with concept detailing.

galleria logo

It is designed by shoomov. It is depicting the panorama effect of photography on roof. The icon of camera with stand is shown inside the panorama effect. The name is placed below the design with a simple font.


The triple 8 photography Logo is a great example of mixing the letter with bending trend to show multiple characters in single space. Brandclay is the designer behind this Logo.

triple 8 photography

This Logo is a client based conceptual Logo that is designed by pixelle graphic design. It shows the concept of home with camera shutter to match the real state photography. If we examine it closely, the “i” and “O” of the business name “Inside Out” is visible. It’s a detailed Logo with matched font below it.

inside out rental photography logo

This Logo is from brett butterstein, a renowned Photographer. The double letter concept is visible in this Logo with the styling around it. Below the Logo is the business name written with bold typography.

brett butterstein logo

This Logo is by BossTwinsArt. It is the simple iconic draw of camera with multicolored shutter inside it. The business name is written below it with gradient effect and term “photography” is shown with two ending lines from both side horizontally.

color shot photography emblem

The designer of this Logo is Lock_designs for ellie winds photography. Although this concept was not selected but we thought to include this one as this is quite inspiring while keeping in mind the latest trends. The abstraction of camera can be seen in this Logo with the business name written in stylish handwritten font.

Ellie winds photography logo

The making of photo with using “8” as “photo” in simple draw can be seen in this Logo. It is courtesy of fotomaker. The inspiration of using sound numbers instead of letters can be taken from it.

fotomaker logo

The concept of heart with photograph inside it is shown in this Logo. The business name is written with bold font to match the heart icon.

amore photograph

It’s the Logo of haute dog fine art photography, designed by Andreea Matei. It shows the iconic draw of dog(pet animal) inside a circle shaped zig zag corners with business name written in handwritten font.

haute dog photography

Elvira dubinina wedding photography’s Logo demonstrates the first word “E” of business name “Elvira” in stylish calligraphic font creating a brand symbol.

elvia dubina

Logo of carriechase photography based in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. The Logo is made with simplicity as it uses a iconic camera with single line and the business name below it is written with a regular font.

carrie chase

It is designed by patrimonio. It shows the illustration of photographer with a vintage camera in a shield with retro done isolated background.

fidelity vintage

It shows the wedding ring inside the circle to match the business industry. The text is in bold font to match the balance of Logo.


Juan gestal photography is a emotional and creative wedding photography business based in Spain. It’s Logo exhibit the emotion and creativity niche with a flying balloon sketched with styles on it. This balloon is placed between the business name. The font used in this Logo is handwritten.


The Action Sport & Lifestyle niche in martin balman photography’s Logo is clearly visible in this Logo. The gears represents the action sport whereas the swirl symbol shows the lifestyle. The swirl inside the gear is placed in way that these are forming a shutter/lens symbol. The text is in bold format.

martin balman photography

Firebrand is the concept creator behind this Logo. It symbolizes the eternity and infinity. This is a most simple Logo and the infinity symbol is formed with the letters “a”,”x” and “o” of business name “saxon”.

infinite saxon

This Logo of jose serrano photography is designed by RyukXD. The camera is created with the “e”,”s” and “e” letters. The business name is written in avant garde light font.

jose rano

Karanpreet designed the Logo of eyeperture. The small “e” of the business name “eyeperture” is used for creating a iris camera lens symbol.

eyeperture photography

In this Logo, the camera lens has been shown with feathers attached to it. The font used in this Logo is stylish handwritten font.

logo of dream art photography

The swoosh in this Logo represents the pro and the eye shows the photo part. This Logo follows the negative space trend.

prophoto by mk

The ardacan photography Logo demonstrates a half camera placed above the business name written in stylish handwritten font. The swoosh is placed in classic way around the text.

ardacan photography

This Logo is made by using the first letters of peter & ivancak. The letters “p” and “i” is shown with the circle and rectangle shapes. It follows the geometry shapes trend.


The letter J is extended to classically form the letter P to match the business name. The letters “j” & “p” forms the brand symbol in this Logo. The business name below the brand symbol is written in regular font.

jodie potter photography

This Logo from our photography logos collection incorporates the business name theme in it. The paper getting print inside the camera icon has been shown in this Logo.


This Logo is a unused concept of fashion photography business. It is designed by Alex tass. The symbol in this Logo shows the purse and camera. It follows the dotted trend.

logo fashion photography

It is a simple Logo that shows the rose drawing and business name right after it. The font used is custom font with grunge effect to give a feel of rose flower.


The stylish background symbol is used in this Logo. On it, the name of mark garber is written in small caps with stylish typography.

mark garber

It’s the concept by DeepBlueDesign. The representation of the term “Dream Photography” is done in this Logo by combining the camera and pillow. Font is regular and matched with the symbol border.

dream photography

In this Logo, the lens and eye concept is shown to match the business term “Photoeye”. The font used in this Logo is bold.


In this Logo of Mihael draksic photography, the letters “M”, “D” and “P” are used as detail elements. If we see it closely, the letters is shown inside the lens part of camera icon.

mihael draksic

Tanami created this design concept. The concept of combining fort shape with instant camera is shown in this Logo. The business name is written below the Logo with bold caps.

photo fort

This Photocarrier Logo has been designed by Saurabh. In this Logo, the ancient way of carrying is mixed with a camera and person is represented. The business name is below the symbol in typographic font.

photo carrie

It’s the brand mark of Hochzeitsfotograf lajdych, germany based photographer. In this Logo, the vector draw of person standing on two rings with a camera on stand is shown. The rings represents the wedding niche and camera demonstrates the photography.

lajdych wedding photographer

It is a simple Logo that have a camera and heart icon as design element. The design elements are outlined in red color while the business name below is in handwritten black font.

heartfelt logo

This Logo of woven studio is designed by vld. In this Logo, the “woven” concept is conveyed with threads interlacing. This interlacing is shown in a way that it forms a camera shutter/lens in middle. It’s the traditional camera Logo design concept.

logo of woven studio

This design concept is created by lumenbigott. The letter “m” is stretched to show a camera icon hanging with it. The font used in this Logo is custom made.


Java Acosta is the Logo designer behind it. The concept of business name “6shot” is respresented in this Logo by playing with number “6” and showing the revolver’s 6 bullets inside it. If we see it, we can observe that this symbol is actually a camera roll. It is a great example of smart conceptualizing.

six shot logo

It is crafted by andresousa. It is fusion of suitcase with camera. The business name is placed at right of the Logo with no photography line.

travel photos

This Logo is not copyrighted as client work. It is designed by vuksa. This Logo is based on the inspiration of famous OK symbol. This Logo is basically designed by playing with negative space trend. The multi color shutter is displayed in OK hand symbol.

photo logo

This Logo concept is by inkbot. It is a client work for food imagery business. This Logo have fish icon as design element. The lines/cuts on fish icon is showing the half iris. The font used in it is bold.


The designer behind this concept is Siah-Design. The palm is shown in this Logo with a circle inside it. Overall it gives the look of hand and camera both at same time. The business name is written in simple typography.

logo siah

The concept of pet and photography is shown in this Logo by using camera as main design element and two puppy ears are placed on it’s top.


This Logo is a letter based Logo. The letters “j” and “p” are drawn in one line inside a rectangular shape. It follows the geometry shapes logo design trend.

jp photography

It is drawn to match the business niche that is architecture photography. A simple camera with architectural feel is used as a symbol in this Logo.

archi logo

It’s the design work by muse7. The flutter concept is displayed with wings while pics concept is represented with a camera. The font used in this Logo is dealova font.

flutterpic photography

The iris with a design of bug is shown in this Logo of shutterbug photography. The stings of bugs is placed on the last character of business name. The font used to write business name is courier customize font.


Top hat photography is concept based Logo designed by gajowy. It is for outdoor sub industry of photography. It’s a illustrative Logo. The illustration of girl wearing hat on head and holding camera in both hand is shown in this Logo. The conceptualization of outdoor is done with showing sitting bird and waiving hair.

top hat photography logo

It’s the concept designed by adam butler and is not a final chosen concept. The business name is written in bold handwritten font and a person shooting with camera is placed right above the text.

michael sasser

This Logo is the client work by ziemko. It is designed as a architectural drawing to symbolize the a photography studio. The letters “M” and “s” are used to create a brand symbol. The circle space in middle is shown as lens.


The Logo below is courtesy of shukhrat kamalov photography. This Logo is designed with simplicity. Only the letter “S” and “kamalov” written in stylish handwritten font is used as brand mark.


In this Logo the letters “J,f and p” are used accordingly with half side camera placement in the end. Right below the symbol, business name is mentioned with light regular font.


The simple vector draw of a person shooting picture is shown in this Logo. The business name is written in hamburger heaven custom font.


Final Words:

It requires a proper balance of colors, fonts, and symbols to achieve influential and attractive factor. In this industry, typography and initial based Logos works most of the time. Also, icons and abstracts are being used in this industry with different playful variations. We hope that you found these photography logos helpful in inspiring and conceptualizing the ideas to design more refined and better Logos from them. If you liked this awesome collection, kindly share it and do tell us your views on these Logos in comments below. Also don’t forget to opt-in in our email list and follow us on social media.


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