15 Authentic Real Estate Facebook Pages


Like all other businesses real estate industry is also the most competitive one and requires promotion, the way every business does.

Although, real estate agents around the world rely on social media for better promotion and marketing. As they find it the best way to show their authenticity by posting appropriate ads and post to engage their potential clients. That is why real estate facebook pages are required to get managed accurately.

We know that Facebook is a promising platform to connect with clients. So, for the real estate, a Facebook business page is more than a page that promotes property with its picture and details.

Thus, it is important to know effortless strategies that famous real estate Facebook pages are using so you will be able to take some inspiration from such brands.

Moreover, we can’t neglect the fact that social media these days is the finest way to connect with millions of people for any purpose whether it is your business or your social engagements.

Then don’t miss a chance to take your real estate business to the next level by considering some of the best managed Facebook pages of real estate brands.

Disclaimer: All the Real Estate Facebook Pages that are mentioned below are picked from web. We do not own them or have any sort of connection.

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15 Authentic Real Estate Facebook Pages

1.     Homes by Krista

krista real estate facebook pages

Krista is a really fun real estate agent; she perform marvelous activities on her page to engage the clients. Her services are as unique as her style of promoting page.

Although, she offers a great deal to generate leads and has some particular areas where she provides her services.

Moreover, she offers a service of free home analysis, creates video content and makes exclusive and exciting quotation posts with her name as copyrights.

2.     Zephyr Real Estate

Zephyr Real Estate attracts people through an eager outlook by writing content with a grasp “imagine coming home to this gorgeous 1 bedroom”, the link description explains everything in few words.

Thus, zephyr real estate makes the most of every social media strategy and relies on strong content to reach clients. Moreover, they believe on a keen mindset by encouraging viewers to click on the ad to find out how to attain a dream for themselves.

3.     Rent to Own Homes

Rent to own homes use several smart strategies that you can also implement on your page. They use a video shot and pin the video post to the top of their feed.

Though, the video clarifies the advantages of doing business with them and their sole value proposal. That’s the first thing you see when you start to scroll their page.

However, to spread over this on real estate Facebook pages, only make a short video explaining who they are, what area they serve and why they are the person to come to.

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4.     Sunway Property

sunway real estate

Sunway Property defines its service down to two selling points: one an instant returns plan and second a well-located Flexi Office.

They place both points straight in the copy so that people know accurately what they’re getting into with the ad click-through.

5.     Zillow

zillow real estate facebook page

If you are well aware of the real estate business then you must know about Zillow. It is one of the leading real estate Facebook pages that help you find your dream home for purchase and rental.

6.     Dream Town Realty

dream town real estate

The local brokerage also exists with local real estate Facebook pages, it has completely new characteristics opening with a completely different sidebar fixated upon local information, check-ins, ratings, and reviews.

And you can observe how businesses reply to see their customer service in action for both the positive and the negative.

7.     Joe Taylor Group w/ Simply Vegas Real Estate

joy taylor group real estate

The most distinctive Joe Taylor Group is absorbed as best among all real estate social media pages, presenting its clients are the most important part of their business.

They are a team of people who make everything possible for their clients. Their cover photo giving a solid impression of authenticity and teamwork.

8.     Movoto

movoto real estate

Movoto is a nationwide real estate business that holds a very general tactic about its content and that’s the basic reason to follow them.

If you scroll down their timeline, you will find a blend of content that pleas homeowners, buyers, and stakeholders in general, as well as people in definite locations. 

9.     Adwerx

Very interesting Adwerx targets real estate agents with limited time offer but keeps the ad refined by making the “before it’s too late” call to action line in smaller font.

The ad graphic also hits home the partial amount by showing one more “spot” left.

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10.     Urban Lifestyle Group

The Urban Lifestyle Group’s Facebook page employs some eccentric strategies on their Facebook posts, for example sharing their ad roundabout to link to numerous landing pages consequently people can see many listings simultaneously in posts on their timeline.

11.     The Lanier Property Group, Inc.

The Lanier Property Group knows well that Facebook loves video. So, they started using a collection of videos to familiarize their company and give potential buyer tours of their contained range.

12.      DIGGS

diggs real estate facebook pages

DIGGS uses a private approach in some of their page posts by posting photos and videos taken by a smartphone and shared from their Instagram.

They also share community events on their page to help getting the word out for well-intentioned reasons though increasing appointments.

13.      Home Union

home union real estate

Home Union practices a strong slogan to make its worth plan clear to clients.

“you invest we can do the rest” they believe in using such alarming slogans that make clients think about it and gather more clicks.

14.      Ansley Atlanta Real Estate

Ansley Atlanta Real Estate delivers an accommodating list of all single-story homes in the ad, this not only indicates the viewer to click through for more info, but it also puts Karin Carr, a specific agent at the agency.

15.      Holley Real Estate

Holley Real Estate made an outstanding video ad by using advanced equipment to do a tour of their highlighted listing in Michigan.

However, it gathered inquisitive views and grow post engagement because the video presented an exceptional way to see a house.


Let’s give it a shot that your Facebook page should be social and engaging, not only serves for promotions.

You should opt for all general and unique strategies like taking great photos and videos to keep people observing and get more shares. your page should preserve one remarkable quality and pattern forever.


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