41 Appetizing Restaurant Business Names

best restaurant business names for inspiration

When you are establishing any business, you need to make complicated decisions. Being an owner of a restaurant, from building your brand and logo to designing a restaurant menu, you need to make wise choices.

Well, that’s not enough; along with all other decisions you make, another is to think about your restaurant business names. Your new restaurant requires an eye-catching name and thinking for a unique one is a daunting task.

Having the best name for a restaurant means that you are signing for recognition and values. Your restaurant needs a name that makes you out of the ordinary in the restaurant industry.

Moreover, restaurant business names always describe your business concisely and trigger customers’ attention.

In this blog, we will walk you through the best names for restaurants to inspire and things you must take into account while naming your restaurant.

Disclaimer: All these business names are of different companies from the restaurant industry, while some are unique restaurant name ideas. All the rights, copyrights, and trademarks are the property of third parties.

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Appetizing Restaurant Business Names

Designating a name to your business is equals to naming your newborn child. When you start a business, many hopes and good wishes are attached to it. Therefore, a short and unique name is crucial for your restaurant.

1. Foodstix

2. The Sea Spice

3. Skillet Counter

4. Stateside

5. Street Taco

6. The Capital Grille

7. The Deck

8. The Egg & Us

9. The Incredible Cafe

10. The Local Eatery

The food industry around the world is making headway to success with time. Every restaurant has a specific approach to prepare and serve food, and they like their audience to know about it.

Although, starting a restaurant can be one’s dream, but dreaming about it is not enough until you work hard to hold; that’s your restaurant business’s success. For differentiating your food business you need to get familiar with restaurant business name ideas.

11. The Red Door

12. The River Seafood

13. Tower 23 Hotel

14. Townsend

15. Upland

16. Wise Sons

17. Urban Remedy

18. Zero Restaurant

19. 750 Restaurant

20. Bean Around

The framework of your restaurant business entirely depends upon its name. However, you must prioritize it; it is fine to consider every major and minor detail of your business while choosing a name.

Starting a restaurant seems interesting yet not easy; therefore it requires your attention. However, you need to prepare yourself for fatigue in advance and plan your things accordingly.

21. Cafe Coyote

22. Chewy Balls

23. Crab Hut

24. Double Knot

25. Famous Lunch

26. Fog Harbor

27. Gaslamp Fish House

28. Hereford Grill

29. MadWings

30. Qwings

Your restaurant business name is a crucial part of your startup. A distinctive name draws customer attention to your business and attracts them. On the other hand, your business is professional; however, going for cool names is a good option. They can be easily memorized, and yes, your audience likes change. 

31. Grettfood

32. Foody tells

33. Kurious

34. Mad Munch

35. Hebbet

36. Truejoy

37. Desi pop

38. Yo-Yo

39. Hompom

40. Lalista

41. Food Zester

However, every restaurant business owner must be aware of branding elements such as business naming, slogans, logos, etc. Your customer should know what you are selling by merely looking at your name.

Furthermore, many points need consideration before finalizing restaurant business names. From the initial stage, you should know what you are going to project through your name. Who is your audience? For more unique restaurant names there are many options and ways to create one.


The above collection of business names are most influential in the restaurant industry. The name of the restaurant always impacts the business and known as a famous food chain in town. Eventually, the restaurant name is an important aspect of branding that we can’t ignore.


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