21 Delicious Restaurant Slogans & Taglines

restaurant slogans

Who doesn’t love food? Of course, there’s no one who doesn’t. Food is something that turns your bad mood in a good one. People love to taste new recipes, for that they explore new restaurants.

With many existing restaurants, it becomes challenging to decide where to eat. If you are craving for a tendered burger, you scroll down entire social media to find the best burger.

In that case, only a perfect brand with optimal restaurant slogans help. Many factors lay behind the restaurants’ success, and restaurant taglines are one of them because they help to recall your restaurant.

So, if you are a foodie, you can also turn your food craze into a profitable business opportunity. Here we have gathered restaurant slogan Ideas for your new restaurant business. 

Disclaimer: Some of these slogans are of different companies from the restaurant industry, while some are unique restaurant slogans. All the copyrights and trademarks are the property of third parties.

Restaurant Slogans & Taglines That Triggers Your Hunger

There are many ways to think of the restaurant taglines; it also depends on the cuisine you are looking for. Remember that a restaurant slogan is a way to communicate your tagline.

Well, thinking of a suitable slogan is not an easy task; it takes an incredibly creative mind, research, and technique—full-time devotion and related phrase that communicates the real meaning of your restaurant.

1. Foodie, Welcome

2. As good as your Dreams

3. Food that surprises you

4. The perfect burger

5. Food that loves you

Pick a slogan that builds attention and gives clear direction towards your business. A tagline must inspire and let people choose your restaurant. However, it requires time to drive customers towards any business. Thus, many advertising agencies are offering branding services to businesses, but unfortunately, they are costly.

There are many restaurant tagline ideas that specify food. If you are focusing on burgers, you are calling out all burger lovers. Here’s the example.

6. The better burger

7. A ½ pound of fun in every bun

8. Food full of mood

9. Burgers and cheese are bound to please

10. We go further for our burger

In case you are planning to start your restaurant, you put a slogan on priority with other branding elements. However, the restaurant business alone accounts for billion-dollar revenue. Either if you go for fast food, Chinese, continental, etc, always try to indulge your taste into your slogan.

Taglines are one of the significant elements of advertising for any business. They play a major role in establishing the right image. You can even describe your restaurant’s ambiance in your logo. Restaurant slogans attract customers and help in earning good money.

11. When you’re crazy for food

12. Adding star in foods

13. Taste better today

14. You will love it

15. Better food, better people

Moreover, you can also highlight any particular region which is famous for a specific food. For instance, if you are going Mexican or Italian, you can use related terms in your restaurant slogans.

When you are done with your marketing plan and ready to step in the market, find a content writer. A creative content writer would be a great help in slogan generation. Although, professional assistance is not a bad idea.

16. Fine dine and wine

17. Foodie’s paradise

18. Heaven to the food lovers

19. The best favors

20. Savor the taste

21. The future of tradition

Slogans are a combination of words that defines your plan. Although, it has been observed, when the slogan is used in a jingle for tv commercials, it gives a different feel. It sounds more meaningful and become a catchphrase.

Moreover, when you market your brand, you target customers and indulge in their emotions. Slogans derive feelings; the ads that specify kid’s products have sayings that entice kids’ emotions.

Short, precise, perfect are the few common things found in a slogan. Moreover, it requires an entire process that includes research then further brainstorming and creative attention.

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Summing Up

Accumulating smart, catchy restaurant slogans makes your business stand against competitors. They entail every detail about your food business summarized in a few words. Countless restaurant tagline ideas fit for every branch of food and restaurant. It is not necessary that you always use the term food, taste in your slogans. As a result, they have to define your services to your customers.


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