31 Enthralling Security Logos Inspiration


It is essential to craft a security logo design that evokes an impression of protection and reliability while engrossing national attention towards them. If you are engage in financial, home or any other security business, it is crucial to reflect and convey the message of your brand while instilling sense of protection and loyalty in customers.

The importance of security logos cannot either be ignored, as it is ultimately the first impression that shows in what business you are dealing with, due to which it is significantly important to create an enthralling logo design  for Security Guard Companies. I would also recommend you to check top 11 clothing logos for your next design inspiration.

A logo should be created tactfully as it plays a vital role in conveying your company’s overall mission to ignite a sense of protection. Therefore, a security company logo holds an undeniable importance in creating a value proposition in the mind of customers.

If you are confused where to start, here we are going to elucidate about 41 inspiring security company logos for your inspiration that can help you in generating ideas to build logos that outperform your competitors.

Disclaimer: All the security logos mentioned below are kept solely for inspiration and sharing. All the security logos are the trademark of their respected owners. We do not own any copyright over these Logos. For any query email us at:  industry@logoorbit.com.

41 Enthralling Security Logos

1. City Security

City security logo has been rigorously designed by Kasper D. Kristensen to reflect the entire security of city and to draw attention of citizens so that they can be assuring of their safety.

2. Knights Security Consultants
This particular logo shows the warriors who work day and night to assure that the people are safe within their homes and country. The concept of security in this logo is shown with the usage of knight design element.

3. Strong Shield Security
This logo is a unique blend of typeface which emphasizes the importance of security for the country and its citizens. The shield represents its undeniable strength that fights with those trying to harm.

4. Imagine Security
This logo has been tactfully designed by Sergey Kovalenko. The image below represents swan as a symbol of security.

5. Keepers Security
This logo has been taken from enterprise technology of storage and files management, which shows the symbol of Lion to portray strength and security whereas red color signifies signal of warning.

6. Falcon Security
This logo has been designed by Benas Skripka. It specifically shows the business theme with a geometric shape falcon that exhibits a classic style for imaginary security.

7. Security Express
This logo has been creatively designed by Siim Mrm which portrays the symbol of precautionary element to reflect security and protection from fire and other harmful aspects.

8. NorthFire Security
Jonathan Okraku has creatively designed this logo. It shows a subtle three-dimensional image with the fire symbol on top that portrays preventive measures from harmful effects of fire.

9. JASystem
The below logo is of an electronic security company. It features the initial letter of the business name inside the shield element in a unique way that signifies their security brand.

10. Protecus Security
This logo signifies the concepts of computer security with a green swoosh. It follows the circle logo design trend.

11. Round Development
The below logo portrays a round lock element that signifies the business name and its theme.

12. Santell Security
This logo portrays a conventional security symbol in which there is a shield enclosed with two swords design element with a key inside the shield indicating the 360 security solutions the company offers.

13. Hero Owl
This logo signifies a security company with the usage of animal theme that strongly reflects the keen focus on details being caught.

14. Logotipo NYX
This logo portrays the business of security academy with an image of animal incorporated in the shield.

15. Akita Security Logos
It is one of the top-notch security logos that signifies the symbol of the company with the usage of Japanese Akita dog image in which the oriented font style is used.

16. Warrior Logo
This security logo design is an illustration of a warrior that represents the business nature of the company.


The below mentioned security logo design reflects the strength of private military company or a law enforcement agency.

18. Sun Rise Logo
This security logo has been creatively designed by manu v vincent that reflects safety from fire and emphasize importance of security systems.

19. Castle

This logo has been designed uniquely in which the wall is attached on top of the castle shield and company’s initial are crafted in middle of the security logo design. Its green color represents a sense of company’s friendly services.

20. AppShark
This security logo interestingly uses the shark element in which the shark reflects rigorous energy, flexibility and protection whereas the green color reflects trustworthiness and friendliness.

21. Bitrony
This security logo design has been designed by Radek Blaska. Its design is based on custom type interface which gives it a unique look while reflecting bit technology and security.

22. Bird Catcher
This security logo design has been designed by Zaelijko Ivanovic. Its design reflects a sense of protection from criminals and other harmful aspects.

23. Atoms
This security logo is designed specifically for brand protection due to which it has been given a crystal shape.

24. Howling Wolf Shield
This security logo has been designed by Daniel Bodea that signifies the strength and courage with a wolf design element.

25. Chimera
This logo has been designed by wizmaya. It specifically represents security for a capital fund management, investment activities and their recommended solution.

26. Bastiv Security
In this logo the initial letters are embossed on a 3D shield  with an overall gradient effect on brand  symbol and its business name.

27. Aviation Security
This security logo has been crafted specifically to give the indication of protection to passengers, staff and planes on airport. It reflects a voluntary reporting system.

28. Executive Security
This logo represents eagle which is a symbol of courage and strength. It reflects the security of VIPs or individuals who are in danger of a personal risk because of their employment or any other prestige.

29. Iron horse Security
This security logo has been designed to provide elite security, investigative and training services with the usage of horse symbol.

30. Superior Security
This security logo has been designed to reflect top-notch security services with the usage of star symbol that signifies its premium quality.

31. Manifest Security
This security logo portrays company’s consulting business with a design that reflects testing and source code analysis.

We hope that you find these Security Logos worth inspiring in creating a logo design for your business. These are only meant for inspiration. Its not the end you can further explore more ideas by visiting our logo creator. Furthermore, you can also connect to us through our social media channels.  Thank You.


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