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The number of businesses and startups in the technology industry are increasing at a pace that is unmeasurable. Technology is a broad industry that is why the companies from other fields of work could deal within this industry. Today we’re going to start our tech industry inspiration with Logos. We’ve researched this industry and have picked only the Logos that worthy enough to take inspiration. So here are the 31 Guru Technology Logos that are brilliantly designed to cover all the aspects of a Logo.

Disclaimer: We do not own any trademark or copyright over these Logos. Most of the Logos are of the already established businesses and startups. There are also some unused concepts.

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Guru Technology Logos

technology logos

This Logo is an unused concept of Amerkah – The clouds the limit. We found it quite detailed work. The half cloud is a normal iconic symbol draw while the other half is made with 0,1 code to represent the cloud system.


It’s a great soothing color palette ombre design that follows the latest Ombre Logo design trend. The font is matched by using typeface with bree in well balanced manner.

burn tech solutions

It is designed by thelonepixel. It’s a unique concept that can used to further brainstorm the ideas. The burning flame is shown inside a circle in this Logo.

clever fox logo

It’s a star shaped Logo. Inside the star, the fox face is created to match the business name theme. All the design elements are visible in this Logo.

connected home

This Logo is designed by Mateusz Turbiński. It is not a used concept but it’s best for inspiration in home network businesses. It follows the linked logo trend.

digitial cocoon

It is also designed by Mateusz Turbiński. In this Logo, the designer played with initials D and C. The prism effect has been created inside the shapes of D and C letters.

folder knight

It’s an Logo of an IT company designed by Jacek Janiczak. It’s a detailed and complex Logo that is representing the folder and protection.

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The bulb representation of something genius is shown in this Logo. The bulb icon is drawn to show the simplicity of the business name.

hmaeda logo design

The HMAEDA Logo describes the using of initials to give the shape of circle. The H and M are customized and represented in a way that they are forming a bend.

kreo innovator

This Logo from our Technology Logos collection is suitable for inspiration in ventures and innovation companies. The crystal effect is visible inside the brand symbol.

lead motion

It’s a Logo designed by Deividas Bielskis. This Logo is perfect example of Logos speaking brand message. The symbol is created with three elements to give the shape of motion/arrow.


It’s an Logo for a New York based database solutions company created by Muhammad Ali Effendy. The brand mark is representing the simplicity.

lockey logo

This Logo is of LocKey that elicits the business theme through it. The lock and key icons are used in this Logo as design elements.


It’s an client work concept by 

neanet logo

It is of neanet – a internet providing company. Basically what designer have done in this Logo is that he used the universal WIFI symbol and customized it bold.

netzone host

This Logo is designed by DesignBoogie. It’s a client work and based on the networking/hosting concept. It’s an initial type Logo.


It is Logo of Fresno, California based software company. The materialistic trend is used in this Logo to elicit the cort concept.


It is designed by 

silence future technology logo

It’s a rare and stunning Logo concept that is beautifully crafted by sdilmob. The human back head is shown in this Logo and it is edged inside by letter S to part the human head icon. On both sides, the finger pointing hands are placed in way that it feels like they are closing the ears.


This Logo is of SmartKety. In this Logo, the magnifier and stocks are used as design elements to create the brand symbol.

sumo systems

It’s an concept based Logo by Designabot. The sumo wrestler with tie is shown in this Logo to balance the business theme. It is one of the Technology Logos that we admired a lot.
technology lab

It’s a unique non-used concept by MDS. It can be used in internet tech or web services industry inspiration. The flask and the tools is shown in this Logo as design elements.

the architech logo

This Logo is not a current in use concept and could be used in inspirations of the architect business that is based on technology.

the big reorg technology logo

It’s an client work designed by dotflo. It is based on the latest trends and it is made to look simple from outer. But if we rotate the symbol to 180 degree, it resembles the B and R of the business name.


It’s an unused proposal for client by jjyepez. The universal way of representing the communication is used in this Logo.

web architecten

This Logo is courtesy of Netherlands based web design/online advertising agency. It is designed by Alex Tass. It’s an illustration type Logo.


The pixels are used in this Logo to draw the brand mark. It shows the crafting of something in it.

wifi cafe

This Logo is of wifi cafe designed by melab. It’s an unused proposal for bar that uses technology in it’s operations. The cup with a WiFi signal representation on it is described in this Logo.

xcellon logo

It’s a initial based Logo that is based on the letter X of the business name XCELLON. It’s a clean and simple Logo that is easily remember-able.

zest fresh technologies logo

The zestfresh technologies Logo is using the lemon icons to represent the “fresh” word of the business name. It’s an emblem type Logo.

So how you find our collection of Technology Logos? Did you able to finalize a design idea in your mind or on paper? Please share your thoughts below. Be sure to share these on social media platforms. Thanks.


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