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Logo orbit offers you to get paid for your unpaid and unused Logos. Here unpaid and unused Logos means the remaining designs from the initial concepts that you first designed for clients but they selected and paid you for only one design out of them. You just need to submit your unused designs to us for review and after approving, we’ll tag them properly so whenever our customers will search for a custom designed Logo for their specific industry and keyword, our design engine will show them your submitted Logos. Here If they purchased your Logos (which is very likely due to the high relevancy), you will get your commission after deduction of our fees. That’s how you get paid for the unpaid. See our story video to know more about it.
After receiving your Logo design concepts, our team will review them and once they got approved, our team will tag them according to the industry/business keywords and priced them accordingly to our four packages. Now if your Logo is tagged in our highest ranking package, you’ll receive the 40% of the purchase and this commission varies from ranking to ranking and package to package. The least commission is 10%.
You must upload source files of your Logos that is Ai and EPS. All other formats are optional. In addition to AI and EPS, you can upload PSD, PDF, PNG and JPEG.
Possibly Not. This is because we require editable original source files of Logos. And typically, Logos should’ve been originally designed in software like illustrator, corel draw or free hand to be in correct form.
Possibly Not. This is because we require editable original source files of Logos. And typically, Logos should’ve been originally designed in software like illustrator, corel draw or free hand to be in correct form.
There are no. of Designers all around the world that are connected to us and others are joining them too. So due to the processing load, we don’t make any promised date but as soon as your Logo will got sold, we’ll deliver the payments to your specified means.
We’ve dedicated in-house design review team that properly investigate Logos for the originality and uniqueness and after verifying this criteria, they double check the quality standards.
Our team try to review your submitted Logos as soon as possible. The time frame is between 24 to 48 hours. But we didn’t make any guarantee on time as we’ve to maintain all our checking standards before approving or disapproving the Logos.
You’ll be notified via dashboard and email about it.

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If you’re a customer then you can sign up from homepage or during the Logo engine process. If you are a designer then you can create account by accessing the “For Designers” link.
Yes. As our terms and conditions states that filling out your legit information is necessary for our database record purpose.
You can change your username or password by accessing your dashboard.
Accounts are suspended or disabled for detection of spam or illegal or unauthorized attempts and because of serious violation of our terms and conditions or policies. If your account is disabled or suspended and you think you haven’t done any violation or illegal activity. Drop an request email at [email protected].

Buying on Logo Orbit

The design engine is a never seen before algorithm that clinched up and matches the custom designed elements with your business details and show you the Logos that are distinct to your brand.
Our Logo engines smart algorithms intelligently matched up Logos within our large database of custom designed elements and on the basis of your provided business details, it shows you the best suitable Logos for your brand. How it works .
By custom designed Logos, we means that the Logos are originally designed from scratch by designers. Each and every element in the custom designed Logos is unique and original.
The unused concepts which we got from designers worldwide are gone through verification process by our QA team where we try our best to make sure that these designs are unique and custom designed. However, to avoid any kind of dispute, we do offer affordable logo customization services through our in-house design team. Learn more about us.
Sure. We do offer different Logo customization options including basic customization and advanced customization. In basic customization, we offer font and color variations, whereas in advanced customization we offer customization in font, color and as well as the graphical element of Logo.
The turnaround time for basic customization is 4-8 hours. And for advanced customization, it’s 6-12 hours.
Yes. We do offer custom Logo from scratch services but we prefer that our customer go through Logo engine process so they can have different design ideas. May be they can finalize any Logo from there or they can place a custom design order by providing reference of the designs they like.
Your business Logo which you purchase from us will be your identity and hence that design will not be resold to others.
The intellectual property rights are transferred to you from designer on your purchase of Logo. However, if you want to register the copyright or trademark legally, you can use your local government copyright registration services. For more information, visit our terms and conditions page.
After verifying your payment, we’ll send you the final Logo files and other add-ons to your specified email.
We will deliver the final logo files as soon as we’ll receive and verify your payment. Our motive is to provide them within 24-48 hours’ time frame.
Of course. Your transactions will be protected and remains confidential. We’ve a highly encrypted process over SSL certificate. Furthermore, you can make your transaction by paypal in order to be more comfortable.
You can pay via visa card, mastercard, paypal, American express and discover.
EPS, PDF, PNG and JPEG. These file formats will vary package to package. See our pricing to learn more.
Yes. We do offer Logo packages. We offer 4 Logo packages that includes bronze, silver, gold and platinum. The bronze package is free with low res pdf, png and jpeg files. Whereas Silver, Gold and Platinum packages are priced at 79$, 149$ and 199$ respectively with high res editable pdf, vector eps, png and jpeg files.
Well we offer branding packages and kits other than the Logo. The packages includes basic, startup and pro. In basic package, we offer business card, letterhead and envelope. In startup package, we offer business card, letterhead, envelope, email signature and 2 social covers. And in pro package, we offer business card, letterhead, envelop, email signature, 2 social covers, T-shirt design, brand book and web banner. Basic package is priced at 29$, startup package is priced at 59$ and pro is priced at 79$.
Other than these packages, we offer an ultimate branding kit. This branding kit includes social covers, business card, letterhead, MS word letterhead, invoice design, flyer design, T-shirt design, bag design, presentation, app home screen, website banner, website ad design, email signature, brand book, fax template design, car sticker and signage design. All these things are offered in just 299$ only.
Checkout our pricing page for more information.
Yes. We do offer proper branding solutions on your checkout. We offer business stationery, social media design, web design, promotional marketing collateral and animated business explainer videos.
Well this is very rare and usually the system didn’t cause these type of errors. But still if you encounter any type of error while accessing the files, kindly email us at [email protected]. Or you can use the live chat option also to report or talk to any of our support staff.
The crashing mostly cause by the slow and unresponsive connection from the user end. In case of crashing, kindly reconnect or connect to any reliable connection. If it’s still crashing, simply try refreshing the window. If it’s crashing continuously then kindly drop an email at [email protected].